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News4Geeks is a place where you can find news, reviews, tips, rumors and other information about photography, gaming, phones, laptops and hardware as a whole. We will try to give you the most important information that you will need about technology – current and future, because we also love tech! We and our authors are located around Europe. If you want to get in touch with us write an email to: support@vasil4n.com

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Stelian Rumenov

Photographer and Videographer

Started filming everything I could in junior school and soon became obsessed! Naturally, photography later followed as well. Currently studying ICT and Software development at Fontys HS Eindhoven.

Vasil Lazarov

Web and mobile developer

Started coding when I was in fifth grade. Never stopped, still love it. Right now I am studying Computer Science and Computational linguistics in LMU Munich.

Why we started this news website/blog? We believe that everyone deserves a decent place to get his information without worrying that the information might be misleading or written because of a sponsor. We can guarantee you that everything you see on this website is our honest opinion and is not influenced in any way by a third party. 

Of course all of our readers can submit ideas about posts and categories that they will be interested to read, but we will accept only what we think is interesting and worthy for our readers.

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