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How to Pick The Best Electronic Cigarette Brand

How to Pick The Best Electronic Cigarette Brand

With the surge of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers more and more brands are surfacing in search of a piece of the water vapor pie.  Due to this, it is extremely challenging to try to figure out what brand is the right one.  Below are some things to consider prior to purchasing an electronic cigarette.

1.  Get the right battery…yo.  Batteries for electronic cigarette and PV’s come in all shapes and sizes.  Not only that they offer different levels of power and capacity.  So finding the right battery for you daily life is KEY.  A heavier smoker might want to go with a larger battery just to get the extra power.  Someone wanting a more authentic smoking experience might go with a shorter lighter weight battery.  This is really going to be personal preference more then anything.

2.  Charging options please.    This is simple, the more options the better.  Having a wall, USB, and car chargers is always going to be the safest bet for any e cigarette starter kit.  Not only that, personal charging cases are also a great selling point.  The convenience of having mobile charging so that you don’t get caught out with dead ecig batteries is priceless.

3.  Can I get some flavor?  Prior to buying an electronic cigarette it’s recommend to see exactly how many flavors are offered.  Some if not most people only want menthol and tobacco but having options is always the better play when picking the best electronic cigarette brand to roll with for life.

4.  Filter life.  Believe it or not, every companies filters are not the same when it comes to their life span.  In fact most brands highly over state how much you can get out of a single filter.  This is why it’s important to do your homework and read some electronic cigarette reviews to verify and the e cigarette brand’s filters are not cheap and offer more puffs.

5.  Consider price per filter.  The filter price is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to consider when buying an electronic cigarette.  This is what’s going to determine your long term costs.  So getting a good price is crucial.

6.  Accessories.  More is better.  Nuff said.

7.  Customer service goes a long way.  Nothing new here really.  Picking a brand that not only has a great product but great people behind it is a must.  You don’t want to go with a brand that’s going to hassle you on returns and not stand strong with their product and warranties.

8.  Quality of the vapor.  An e cigarette brand is mostly measured by this vapor.  The thicker and fuller and more fulfilling the vapor is the better.


So now that you now how to pick the best electronic cigarette brand let me share with you what is considered the best e cigarette brand online.


V2 Cigs.


V2 Cigs is hands down the go to e cigarette brand online.  The growth they have had over the past 4 years is based on the above mentioned.   One of the best things about V2 is they are super affordable, high quality, and offer unmatched customer service.  They also do site wide discounts regularly that can be combing with online V2 Cigs coupon codes so maximizing savings is very easy.



For more info and proof that V2 Cigs is the real deal and best option for and electronic cigarette check out this full v2 cigs review.

NBA on DraftKings

Tips For Winning Playing NBA On is a Daily Fantasy Sports website that I discovered about 8 months ago.  I originally herd about Draft Kings on the Dan Patrick Show as it was one of the sponsors of the show.  So I already knew I loved playing regular fantasy sports with my buddies but never had played for any real amount of money and also it was stretched out over the entire season of the sport.  So this was an entirely new concept for me but I’d been hearing of people winning massive sums of money playing.  So being the gambler I am I had to try my luck and this is what I found out.

Like anything else Daily Fantasy Sports takes a lot of practice and preparation to become good and to make money.  My initial strategy was to play multi tourneys for low buy ins to try to get the hang of things.  If your not familiar with Multi Tourneys, what that means is you can put more than one team in a given tournament.  Most of the games offered on Draft Kings are this format.  So I’d put a $40 investment in a given tournament at $2 per team.  What I quickly found out is by me doing this, I wasn’t doing myself any justice.  By making multiple teams all I was doing was mindlessly putting teams together and wasn’t putting in the time to figure things out.  Which brings me to my 1st tip that might help you win on

1.  Make your best team and stick to it.  (If you have an iffy player or two there is an exception to this rule but I’ve found that nine out of ten times my first team usually does better than the rest.)

So when I started on Draft Kings my first love was playing College Football and NFL.  Both are super challenging but I had early success with both and within my first month I won around $300.  Each sport is different but most have the same concept.  I’d consider my self a novice at best in both these spots and can’t really offer much considering I myself am not what I would consider proven.  My real love and passion for DFS is with the NBA.   I’ve made the bulk of my money playing NBA and have some decent tips that might help you cash more.

2.  Research, Research, Research.  I’ve found that the more digging I can do the better.  NBA Fantasy On Twitter and Rotoworld are great resources for up to date info.  If someones not going to play or if there is a sudden line up change theses are great tools.

3.  Know each games Odds.  Spreads play a huge role in how I make my teams.  If a game has an over of 220 vs a game that has an over of 170 I’m a lot more likely to play the players in the higher over game.  The higher the over is predicted typically means the more fantasy points that are available to get.

4.  Know your match ups.  Picking players that will be playing a weak defenders is always a great strategy.  DraftKings has done and awesome job of recently updating the website to show all this info so researching this is really really easy to do.

5.  Don’t just pick your favorite players.  This might sound crazy but its TRUE.  Many people fall into the trap of picking players they really like and don’t pay attention to everything else that really matters.  For instance:  I really like Stephen Curry and he’s a really awesome fantasy option this year, but it doesn’t mean I should put him in every lineup I make.  There are times and match ups that just will not be the best fit.

6.  Clear your schedule.  One Hour Prior to game times you need to be on the look.  Make sure everyone in your lineups is playing and make sure no crazy line up changes have occurred.  The NBA is unpredictable!  Guys sit an rest out of no where.  This can be good and bad depending on your line up.  I call this Dwayne Wade time.

7.  Find value players.  This kind of goes hand an hand with tip 6 clear your schedule.  One hour prior to game time you need to take time to see if there are some really good value options to roll with in your line ups.  Usually there is a starter in at least 1 or 2 games that’s not playing so their backup all of a sudden becomes an awesome value option do to them getting more playing time an hopefully with that scoring more then their average fantasy points.

I hope these tips help.  I’ve done pretty well on thus far following these steps.  Not only that I’ve Won!

Proof In My NBA DraftKings Pudding

NBA on DraftKings

If you ever are looking to practice or wanting a decent challenge feel free to send and invite to edsheppard and I’ll be more than happy to play you.

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